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4184 Taylor Rd.       Batavia, OH 45103   Clermont County Airport (KI69)


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Special Events

Exciting, fun, memorable, and wanting to come back again! That's how you want your guests and patrons to feel about your event or festival. Are you an event coordinator, event manager, private individual, or company looking to add more entertainment value and something unique to your next event, fundraiser, or private party? How about providing helicopter rides to your guests or patrons while adding an extra source of income for your event.

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Utility Patrols

Utility companies, highways, railroads, and everything else that make up our country's infrastructure are a vital and necessary part of our security and existence as a world leader. Stratus Helicopters has been a resourceful tool in supplying all sectors of our infrastructure for the Cincinnati and Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky regions. Our capabilities are even far reaching to surrounding states as well. Our dedication to excellent customer service makes us the premier helicopter company in the Tri-State area!

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News Gathering

"There's Value in the View From Above!" As they currently do in countless growing and competitive media markets across the US, and the Midwest, helicopters remain the optimum and irreplaceable platform for high-tech heliborne Electronic News Gathering (ENG) services. The helicopter is the tool of today’s leading news agencies and reporting departments, and Stratus Helicopters can provide a safe, effective, and affordable aerial news platform for use by public and private news media outlets and agents, particularly for source video, live news coverage, or broadcast quality documentation.

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Search and Rescue

Should your agency need an aerial asset to help locate victims, don't hesitate to call us. Our coverage capability can help ensure a reasonable response time and a reasonable end to a possibly tragic situation. Either your agency can provide observers or we can. Our central location in Cincinnati enables us to respond rapidly anywhere in the Tri-State area.

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Aerial Photo / Survey

Whether you take the pictures or we do, Stratus Helicopters, LLC provides aerial photography services. We take aerial photographs for many clients ranging from real estate agents and land developers to people desiring an aerial view of their home or business. Due to its smaller size, our aircraft provides an excellent aerial platform for motion picture photography. In addition, we can provide regular surveillance of areas or items such as power lines.

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Law Enforcement Support

Helicopters play a unique and vital role in law enforcement. Helicopter Association International (HAI) counts 97 members worldwide who are involved in law enforcement. The list is a mix of government services, regular commercial and corporate members who operate as either "for hire" or "not for hire". Law enforcement helicopter pilots and their crews are everyday heroes who routinely engage in high-risk missions for the public good. Helicopters provide law enforcement with a tactical advantage in dangerous situations.

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Charter Service

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Golf Ball Drop

We provide everything you will need to make your fundraising exciting. Just sell as many golf balls that you can for the price you choose and we provide the helicopter to drop them to your designated target. After a small fee to Stratus Helicopters, you decide the payout and keep the rest for your Organization.

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