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Why train with Stratus Helicopters?

If you've ever dreamed of learning to fly, you owe it to yourself the experience of flying helicopters. Learning to fly one of these magnificent machines is just like learning any other skill, it takes training, time, and effort. Once you've mastered the controls of a helicopter, you've joined an elite few who have this skill and great sense of pride.


Our team of experienced flight instructors at Stratus Helicopters is dedicated to the professional development of each and every student. We teach practical helicopter flying skills along with a solid foundation of skills a professional pilot will utilize throughout their career.


Our goal is to make you a safe, reliable and confident helicopter pilot.  Simply put, we believe in making the skies safe for you and for all in the air and on the ground.  



Whether you are training towards a private pilot certificate to fly for pleasure or are pursuing advanced ratings, we treat every student with respect and professionally. We are flexible to work with your schedule and financial responsibilities.


Our helicopters are equipped with modern avionics and navigation equipment as they are an absolute necessity for future professional pilots.  Our teaching techniques and skills are second to none, but above all else, we teach safety, responsible airman ship, and the practical skills necessary to make you a confident pilot.

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