This new handbook from the FAA is their primary resource for teaching helicopter operations. As a basic introduction to the aircraft and helicopter flight training, it contains detailed coverage of the following:

•	Aerodynamics
•	Flight Controls
•	Systems
•	Weight and Balance
•	Performance
•	Preflight and Postflight Procedures
•	Basic and Advanced Flight Maneuvers
•	Emergencies
•	Attitude Instrument Flying
•	Night Operations
•	Airport Operations
•	Practical Exam and Flight Reviews
•	Single-pilot Resource Management
•	Aeronautical decision-making
•	Risk Management

Subjects are supported with information on common student errors, practical flight instructor tips and strategies, instructional hazards, and sample lesson plans. Readers will gain the knowledge to effectively teach pilots how to safely operate a helicopter.

A companion to the Helicopter Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-21), this FAA handbook is designed as a technical manual for use by applicants who are pre

Helicopter CFI Handbook (FAA)




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