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4765 Airport Rd.

Cincinnati OH 45226

Phone: 513-533-HELI (4354)

Fax: 513-533-3777

Email: info@stratushelicopters.com

Website: www.stratushelicopters.com




Consent Form


Anyone under 18 years of age is required to have signed consent from

a parent or a legal guardian before being allowed to ride in any aircraft

owned and/or operated by STRATUS HELICOPTERS, LLC without

that parent or legal guardian being onboard the aircraft.

Signing this form does not waive any rights for claims due to any

accidents or injury that STRATUS HELICOPTERS, LLC is found to be

at fault.

A parent or a legal guardian should sign and date below as proof of

consent. Please indicate passengers’ names in print.

Parent or Legal Guardian:

Sign: _________________________________________


Passengers Name/s: _____________________________