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The DISCOVERY FLIGHT is a great way to truly experience what it's like to be a helicopter pilot. We'll start with ground instruction covering some of the helicopter characteristics, flight control operation, and mandatory FAA Regulation requirements. Then, we'll head out to the helicopter for a pre-flight inspection and safety briefing. Finally, with dual controls inserted and the assistance of a Certified Flight Instructor, we'll take off for a flight where YOU WILL BE THE PILOT!

Your package includes a ground lesson about the basic controls and characteristics of helicopters.  Then it's out to the flight line to strap yourself in the pilot's seat and get started!  As the engine cranks ups and the blades start turning, the excitement builds.  After a few checks by the instructor and a couple of radio calls with Air Traffic Control, the instructor will assist you on the lift-off and before you know it, your view is hundreds of feet in the air!  The instructor will lead you away from the airport and gradually give you the controls of the helicopter. You'll practice straight and level flight, turns and banks, climbs and descents, and approaches to land. You'll get a true feel of just what it's like to manage the controls of a helicopter and with the added benefit of flying out of busy Lunken Airport, you get a true understanding of the workload and multitasking a pilot undertakes while still mastering the aircraft.


Once complete, you will receive your own personal PILOT'S FLIGHT LOG endorsed by your instructor, and a photo of you with your instructor and the helicopter you piloted! 


We'll warn you right now, once you take the controls, you'll be addicted!


Call today to schedule your DISCOVERY FLIGHT!  Also makes a great gift!!

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This package includes:

  • Robinson R44 Helicopter (4 seats)

  • Instructor + you + guest.

  • 30 to 45 minutes of ground instruction.

  • 30 to 35 minutes in the helicopter.

  • Endorsed personal PILOT'S FLIGHT LOG.

  • Photo of you with instructor and helicopter.

  • Add a second guest for only $50 more!

  • Makes an excellent gift! (order gift certificates online)


   *Weight Limits Apply*


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